SAETECH, your reliable partner in engineering and project management for all your machinery, equipment, constructions and projects involving mechanical engineering.
SAETECH is a young company and stands for creativity, versatility and flexibility.

SAETECH is ambitious, we don’t believe in problems we only see challenges.
Besides the theory behind a good product or project SAETECH believes the link with practice is very important.
Through years of experience in development, implementation and execution of technically complex projects all over the world SAETECH can offer you this link.

SAETECH represents the following core values:

  • Flexible
  • (Project) partner
  • Creative
  • Innovative
  • Communication
  • Versatile

Do you have a technical challenge? Just contact SAETECH.

SAETECH can offer you the following services:

Mechanical Engineering

SAETECH has extensive experience in (heavy) mechanical engineering and transport technology. Global and detailed design of structures and machines.

Project Consultancy / Project Management

A project often involves more than just the product or the result. Cooperation between all involved parties is therefore a must. SAETECH has years of experience in managing technically complex projects in both onshore and offshore environment.

Transport Technology (Installation)

SAETECH has years of experience in solving complex transportation projects of machinery, bridges, ships and offshore platforms.
Transportation and installation of your machinery or system has often a huge impact on your project, therefore an innovative approach, a good design and a properly managed project is of utmost importance.
SAETECH can supply for you Engineering and Supervision of all types of transport and installation projects.

Custom engineering / Machine building

Do you require a specific tool or machine custom build to your specifications. SAETECH can offer you the solution.

Prototyping and production verification

We go beyond just the drawing or calculation. SAETECH can offer you (inhouse) prototyping of your machine or equipment. This offers the opportunity to thoroughly test your latest innovation.

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