2222 Red Sea Project Transportframe

Transport frame engineering Mammoet Red Sea Project
Saetech was contracted by Mammoet to design a transport- and lifting frame for the 1 Bedroom Water Villas
and 2 Bedroom Water Villas of the Red Sea project. The frames were used to safely transport the villas by
SPMT and by sea and to install the Villas on there foundation by crane barge.

2143 Installation Peenebrücke Engineering

Saetech was contracted by Montec to check and verify the structural loads of the Peenebrücke installation assembly in Demmin, Germany. The old bridge was rigidly connected to the new bridge, enabling Felbermayr to skid & launch the bridge directly over the river Peene. Saetech checked the bridge loads for 24 different installation steps.

2155 Transport frame engineering DFDS

Saetech was contracted to check and confirm the structural integrity of two types of transport frames. The existing frames are used to transport various sized (concrete) elements over the road.

2060 Mammoet Gantry Engineering

Saetech was contracted by Mammoet to design and calculated a lifting gantry that was used to install various modules, weighing up to 1000 tonnes each, onto a GBS module. The scope consisted of both global and local calculations of the gantries. After these calculations, the equipment was fabricated, tested & used for a large project.

2206-01 Polyprop winch

Saetech checked and verified the structural integrity of a winch that was used to pull-in polyprop wire with a pulling load up to 2 tonnes. Furthermore, deck reaction loads were provided to be able to check the strength of the supporting barge deck.

2115-03 Climbing jacks 100t

Saetech was contracted by NXGen to design, calculate and fabricate a set of 4 climbing jacks. The jacking house contains lifting points & fork lift supports on each corner. The jacks have a small collapsed height, and can be used to lift loads up to 400 tonnes to approx. 2 meters high.

2139 Removal of Lekbrug in Vianen, Verification for Mammoet

Saetech performed an independent 3rd party review for Mammoet, to verify the design & calculations for the removal of the Lekbrug, the Iron Lady, in Vianen. Saetech was closely involved during the whole project, and made a detailed FE model to check and confirm the complete system stability.

2104 Crane tip design engineering

Saetech designed the crane tip for an offshore knuckle boom crane. Tenwolde was contracted by their client to upgrade the existing crane with a winch, instead of using the fixed lifting point at the tip of the crane.

The crane head was designed and calculated by Saetech, and fabricated and tested by Tenwolde. The crane tip was designed for high side loads, due to the offshore use.

2108 100t Lifting beam design

Saetech was contracted by M.J. van Riel to design & calculate a 100t capacity lifting beam. The spreader beam/ lifting beam is designed with multiple lifting points, and is designed using RFEM FE software.

The beam has a length of 13 meters, with a lifting capacity of 100 tonnes. It has multiple holes on the bottom side to be able to lift various loads.

The beam was completely designed, calculated, and prepared fabrication-ready by Saetech.

With the beam a specific calculation sheet was delivered. Using that sheet, the client is able to check & confirm the capacity of the spreader for each individual project.

2027 Dredging barge design

Saetech was contracted by DCN Diving to design and check a gantry crane set-up on a modular barge system. The gantry is used for dredging in Georgia, and was set-up completely in RFEM to check and confirm the integrity for this project. A custom load introduction frame an knuckle boom support frame was installed to be able to reach the complete barge area for lifting smaller objects.

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