2035 Tramset replacement tool

Saetech was contracted by GVB to design a tool to perform maintenance on the existing suspensions of tramcars. The tool is used to release the pressure of the tram suspension on a safe way, without the risk of unstability of the items. The tool was designed, fabricated and load tested by Saetech. The tool is delivered with the required CE documentation and load test certification.

2053 Bridge installation Düsseldorf

Saetech was contracted by Felbermayr Germany to carry out the project engineering for the transport & installation of a bridge over the Heerdter Lohweg in Düsseldorf.

2048 Redesign compost fillers

Saetech was contracted by Reijrink to structurally check the redesign of a top filler & translating unit. The filler is subjected to a corrosive nature. The check was carried out using FE software, in which profile sections were optimized.

1941-01 Transport & Lifting Trestles

Saetech was contracted by G. O’Brien and Kiernan Structural Steel Ltd. to check and confirm the structural integrity of various frames for the transport and installation on-site. The frames were checked to be transported on SPMTs and lifted by multiple lifting points using the (by Saetech designed) modular spreader system.

1941-40 Sling length adjusters

G. O’Brien contracted Saetech to design and fabricate sling length adjusters for the lifting of various steel frames. The adjusters can be connected to standard GreenPin shackles and to the (Saetech designed) modular spreaders. The 50 ton capacity lifting devices can be adjusted in length from 1.4m to 2.55m.

1924-02 Offshore bumpers & guides

Saetech was contracted by Ardent to design & fabricate bumpers & guides for positioning the Tyne jacket on board of the Blue Tern.  The bumpers & guides fit against the support construction which was already on board of the vessel.

1941-10 – Modular lifting beam design

Saetech was contracted by G. O’Brien and Kiernan Structural Steel Ltd. to design a modular lifting beam with adjustable lifting point positions. The lifting beams are designed in sections of 5.1m and 11.5m. The total constructed lifting beam length is 56.2 meters. The couplings consist out of only two long pins, which ensure easy installation.

The couplings are checked and load tested for 250 tm of bending moment, and 110 tonnes of shear force.

Multiple lifting points can be repositioned along the top- and bottom flange for flexible lifting arrangements.

2003 – Mammoet Jack-up Structural Engineering

Saetech assisted Mammoet Breda in the engineering of a Topside Superlift weighing 19500 tonnes. The scope was to design & calculate 6 beams, weighing up to 600 tonnes each. The beams will be used to support the topside for the jack-up and skidding at 60 meters height.

2014 – Design transport frame wind turbine towers

Design of transport frame for wind turbine towers

Saetech was contracted by Van Der Kruijssen Verticaal Transport to design, calculate and fabricate a tower transport frame. The transport frame is designed in such way that various sections of the wind turbine can be transported in upright position, on multiple type of modular trailers; which ensures maximum flexibility for Enercon.

1827 – Lifting study machine replacement

Saetech was contracted by Dior Heavylift to collectively design a method to replace a dry mill in a factory in France. The method following from thestudy was an out-of-the-box idea, which can save the client a lot of time, since a lot of machinerycanremain in position, compared to the other solutions.

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